What I do

Knitted snowman with hat and scarf saying 'I think I've got a cold coming'.Website updating

If you're struggling to keep your website current, or you need some leave or sickness cover, there are lots of benefits in getting some experienced, flexible and reliable back-up. Peace of mind, efficiency, assured quality...

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Stack of crammed books, voice bubble saying 'Crikey, where do I start?.Content development

Are you planning a website re-design or new website?

Does the thought of getting all that content together make your toes curl?

Creating some order out of that mess of files and ideas is my speciality, and I'll get your content in place, on time.

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Other stuff

  • Website review: assessing the usability and accessibility of a website, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Information architecture: organising and labelling a website in a way that makes it easy to use and find information.