Bannocks & Ballads

Marie Louise Cochrane has been telling and creating stories and songs around food for over 15 years. Recently she became particularly interested in the place of grains and bread in Scottish culture, and decided that she wanted to share what she had been finding.

She came to me with a digital pile of songs, stories and traditions, looking to establish a website as a lasting resource for anyone interested in the stories and lore of bread.

I set up a small site on, choosing a template design that was in tune with the project and the illustrations she had commissioned. Then I set about organising the pile, creating types of resource with tags to pull everything in place on themed pages.

Marie Louise can add a tradition, song, story, storyteller, recipe or memory and easily place it onto the appropriate page or pages by checking a few boxes.

Bannocks & Ballads website homepage

Alison has created visually appealing, easy to navigate websites for me, and calmly and generously helped develop ideas and navigate technical issues along the way. I warmly recommend her.

Marie Louise Cochrane