European Hereditary Tumour Group

The European Hereditary Tumour Group (EHTG) has evolved from a network of specialists working in the field of hereditary tumour syndromes to a growing membership organisation working on collaborative studies, guidelines and databases, and hosting a highly interactive three-day annual meeting.

As a new organisation on a tight budget, I was able to offer them a cost-effective start-up website to promote their initial meeting and work.

I’ve since developed the site to register new members and house a member directory and member-only library of event presentations.

I support the Secretariat in updating the website and provide guidance for staff.

I carry out ongoing system and plugin updates.

The site was built using WordPress and is hosted by Electric Hosting.

European Hereditary Tumour Group website homepage

Alison has been flexible and cost-aware in developing a website for EHTG. She engaged directly with our client at strategic points during the initial set-up to enable the project to progress most efficiently.

She gets things done on the site when we need them (even when we give minimal notice!) and supports us in updating the site ourselves.

EHTG Secretariat