HIV i-Base

HIV i-Base is a treatment activist group working to make sure that HIV-positive people can be as actively involved in their own care as they want to be. Accessible, timely information is essential to this work.

Their easy-to-read guides to HIV treatment, and sexual transmission and testing of HIV are regularly reviewed and updated. They also produce resources for healthcare professionals like the HIV Treatment Bulletin (HTB) every two months, and Fit for Purpose, an an annual review of HIV treatment strategies for low and middle-income countries.

Publications are produced in print, PDF format and as web pages. My tasks have been to take the PDF files and turn them into accessible web pages, in line with good practice, and to categorise HTB articles by subject.

The site was designed in-house using WordPress content management system.

HIV i-base website homepage

Alison is always amazingly friendly, fast and super-careful for any web-related work. Very easy to recommend!

Simon Collins, i-Base