Paul Furneaux: printmaking artist

Paul Furneaux is an established artist and printmaker who has been exploring traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques (mokuhanga) for more than a decade. His works are an abstraction and distillation of his contemplations of the landscape.

He had an old-style website that was difficult to get updated. With an exhibition on the horizon, he was looking for a new website, complete with a visual catalogue of his recent work.

The backlog of new images to include was large, so we took the opportunity to look into the themes underlying his work, to create categories for use in their display. We also established a set of information that would be added to each image.

I then set up a WordPress artist blog, taking an existing theme and paring it back to its simplest form, to display Paul’s work with minimal distraction.

I also added an events calendar that appears on the site when Paul has one or more exhibitions or workshops coming up.

Paul Furneaux website homepage

The site was built using WordPress and is hosted by Siteground.