Stuff and Content is the trading name of Alison Neathey. I provide website services to associations, charities and other organisations.

I value privacy and aim to wholly comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I am registered under the Data Protection Act.

Use of personal information

What personal information I collect

I collect individuals’ professional contact details:

  • Name and email address
  • Organisation name and address
  • Phone numbers

Occasionally, I am given an individual’s personal mobile phone number.

Sometimes I collect other information to facilitate communication, such as what hours a person works.

Where I obtain this information

Generally this information comes direct from people who have made contact with my business via an email or phone call. It may also have been provided to me by one of the organisations that I work for so that I can carry out some work on their behalf.

In addition, I may contact an organisation to find out the appropriate person to send information about the services that I provide.

Why I collect this information

I collect this information to enable me to:

  • Provide estimates for the services I provide
  • Carry out the work that I have been contracted to do
  • Maintain my accounts
  • Send marketing materials to potential customers

How long I hold this information

I keep this information so long as I have a valid purpose to hold it.

I review the personal information I hold annually, and will delete any information that I no longer have a valid purpose to hold.

Who I share this information with

I only share personal information with another party for the purpose of carrying out the work that I am contracted to do. I endeavour to gain explicit consent before sharing any personal information.


How I keep information secure

I hold your information on a secure password-protected encrypted computer system with a firewall.

How I access online data

I access online systems using secure internet access and login with unique strong passwords held in a secure password management system.

Your rights

How you can find out what personal data I hold about you

You have a right to find out what information I hold about you and I will provide it to your within one month of receiving your request. Please contact me by email or post if you wish to do this:

Alison Neathey
Stuff and Content
4 St Leonards Bank
Edinburgh EH8 9SQ

How you can control the personal data I hold about you

You have a right to have any personal data that I hold about you corrected or erased, and to object to it being used in my business. If you need to contact me about this, please use the contact details above. I will endeavour to fulfil your request within a month of receiving your request.

Last reviewed: 28 January 2020