If the stuff on your website needs sorting out, or you’re redesigning your site, I’ll help make your website content more useable and findable.

Content inventory and audit

Examining the content of your website is the way to start improving it.

  • Review your target website users – what do they need?
  • Identify out-dated or inaccurate information.
  • Prune out unnecessary information.
  • Make decisions about new and future content.
  • Plan how to get your content ready and how to maintain it.

Information architecture

Working out how visitors can most easily find what they’re looking for.

  • How to group and name pages.
  • How content will be displayed in different places.
  • How to use and name categories and tags.
  • What descriptive information (metadata) is needed.
  • How to achieve the best results with the technology available.

Getting your content ready

Bringing the raw content together and making it work for your site.

  • Creating a content outline.
  • Collecting all content, identifying gaps and quality issues.
  • Briefing and chasing authors and originators.
  • Searching for images and optimising them for web use.
  • Writing a house style guide and developing it over the course of the project.
  • Editing text to make it web and user-friendly, and consistent.
  • Writing section introductions, calls-to-action, navigational texts and metadata.

Populating and checking the site

With that done, adding content to the site is easy, and there’s time for fine-tuning.

  • Adding and formatting all types of content to the site.
  • Reviewing content in place and making adjustments where needed.
  • Testing out the information architecture and site functionality.

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