Your website may lose credibility with visitors and search engines if they come across broken links or links to irrelevant information.

Automated link checkers are useful tools for finding broken links and can help draw your attention to content on your site that has become out-of-date.

If your website has been built using WordPress, you can ask your developer to install and set up a link checking plugin. This will notify you of broken links to other websites and within your own site, and links that redirect to a page other than the one originally linked to. You can act on the notifications yourself or I could do that for you.

Image with speech bubble: Need a closer inspection?

For sites that don’t have a link checker installed, there are external services that will generate a list of broken and questionable links to act on. Again, this is something that I can do for you if you don’t have the head for it, or are short of time.

A word of caution – automated link checking isn’t a replacement for reviewing the content of your site from time-to-time.

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