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For many small and volunteer-led organisations the amount of in-house time and skills available for keeping their website up-to-date and in shape varies enormously. 

I offer a flexible support service that aims to meet your needs over time, through staff and volunteer changes, periods of sickness or parental leave and the varying demands of your website.

When new staff and volunteers arrive I can give training in your website’s content management system, good practice guidance and house style. I can also provide documentation for reference and am on the end of a phone for advice. 

Where content edits involve technical tasks that are beyond staff skills, it is quite often cost-effective and quicker for me to do these rather than calling on your website developer. And if it’s simply time you’re short of, you can always send your content updates to me to take care of for a while.

Website redesigns can be unexpectedly time-consuming and demanding for inexperienced staff and volunteers. It can be useful to have someone to consult with on briefing, design and technical options, share some of the content development work, and check out the new site before it goes live.

Some organisations also like me to work with their web developer on technical issues if they don’t feel confident in doing that themselves.

Whatever you need help with, I aim to be on hand.

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